DJ Stickbuzzer

Crossbreed - Darkstep
Industrial Hardcore
Drum & Bass - Dubstep


Nationality : French
Place of residence : Germany

Type of performance : (only) vinyl turntable mix

Stickbuzzer (alias Frédéric) discovered hardcore music through the famous Thunderdome compilations. 2002 he joined his first hardcore parties as audience in East of France and was used to places like La Laiterie and Molodoï in Strasbourg. 2004 he moved from East to North of France and began joining hardcore events there, in Belgium and in The Netherlands.

2006 he began mixing Hardcore (Gabber, Darkcore, Industrial) with vinyl turntables and began playing at some illegal raves in the East of France (called free parties). That year he also expatriated to Germany. 2007 he began mixing Hardstyle.

Since 2007 he is living in Aachen (at the german-belgian-dutch border triangle). In the Ruhr district he discovered german hardcore parties. 2010 he decided to start mixing other styles like Drum&Bass Hardcore Crossover and also Dubstep. 2011 he discovered underground parties as audience in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Kiev (Ukraine). Until now he played in several countries as Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and also Ukraine.

Favourite artists and producers
The Outside Agency, DJ Hidden, Switch Technique, Nekrolog1k crew (AK Industry, Homeboy, Lowroller...), I:gor, Deathmachine, Current Value, The Panacea, Igneon System, Stormtrooper, Tymon, Satronica, Dr. Macabre, Armageddon Project, Sarin Assault, SPL, Black Sun Empire

Favourite labels
PRSPCT, Genosha, Genosha 175, Union Recordings, Nekrolog1k Recordings, Industrial Strength Recordings, Killing Sheep, The 3rd Movement, Hollow Point, KTR productions Ltd.

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